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Alarms & Remote Start

At CarToys we have lots of alarm combinations. They vary in range, notifications, sound, light alerts and censors. We will help you put together a package specific for you and your car's needs, to help protect it from being stolen, damaged, and thieves.


We also carry and install remote starts which can be a great addition to your alarm. They can also be installed by themselves for your convenience. Remote starts will give you  key-less entry and allow you to cool your vehicle in the summer heat, or heat your car on those cold mornings before you head to work.


Common Problems when buying Alarm/Remote Start:


~ Not buying a unit with enough range to start when you are parked far away ( get a 2-way remote )

~ Not getting the unit installed by a certified professional

~ Buying a cheap product without the proper features

~ Buying online or somewhere else and having it installed at a different location

Viper Remote Lock
Viper Remote Lock and Start
Viper Auto Lock and Start cartoys md
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